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We Are All Mad Here.

writings by ephemeral_blue.

Its only Love and that is All
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This community is the home of fan fiction works written by ephemeral_blue Currently all stories are dedicated to the amazingly talented Dong Bang Shin Ki boys, primarily the pairing of Yoochun and Changmin but I hope to have various other pairings in the future. At this time, all fan fiction stories are centered around male/male relationships, therefore if you feel offended by this notion, please do not read further. It is with great hope that I spread the love of YooMin to the rest of the fan fiction community :-) and I appreciate all who take the time to read my fics. Also, I am thankful for the interest of readers and am flattered, but please if your intent is solely to read my fiction, please join the community, that's what's it's here for, not my personal journal. Thank you!


For the most part, my fic has a PG-13 rating although there are a few chapters and one-shots that are R or may in the future be rated as NC-17, for any works that are currently posted in my personal journal, they will remain unlocked. All future fic that falls under the R or NC-17 rating will be friends locked and you will need to join the community to read. Membership is open at this time and until I see that it needs to become moderated, it will remain open.


I do not own, nor claim to own any members of Dong Bang Shin Ki. All works in this journal are creations from the murky world of my mind. There is absolutely no truth to any of these works and in the slightest chance there is, please consider it pure coincidence. Never is it my intent to imply that any aspect of my stories are in any way truthful. It is only fiction and that is all.